What is the difference between physical and occupational therapy?

Physical therapy involves the large muscle movements of the body...crawling, walking, jumping, bilateral coordination, running, and endurance, balance, and strength needed for all of those skills. 

Occupational therapy involves the small muscle movements of the body...handwriting, grasping, fastening, puzzle and toy or other small object manipulation.  OT also works on rehabilitation of one's occupation.  For children, that includes everything! Exploring and growing through their own world safely and happily is their most important job!

Physical and Occupational Therapy


Physical and Occupational Therapy evaluations are available.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Treatment Sessions

Individual Physical and Occupational Therapy Sessions work on goals while incorporating fun, games, and social skills.Group programs within our BUG Buddies program are available also!  

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​Speech Partners

Anaheim Hills Speech and Language Center is four doors down in Suite 110. Contact them at 714-282-8852.

Insurance Networks

We are in-network for the following insurances: Kaiser, Easter Seals, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Regional Center of Orange County, and select BlueCross BlueShield policies (need to call to verify).