A physical therapy corporation

Pediatric Physical Therapy

PT for children focuses on mobility, coordination, balance, strength, and safety awareness.  Assessments and treatments are one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist.  Treatment sessions with infants and toddlers often focus on floor mobility, reaching developmental milestones, facilitating protective and equilibrium reactions, and improving trunk and lower extremity strength.  Depending on an older child's challenges, treatments focus on balance, gait training, strengthening, coordination, jumping, walking up and down stairs, curbs, ramps and uneven terrain safely and independently, and ball skills (catching, throwing and kicking).  Movement with an emphasis on fun is our goal.  

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

OT for children focuses on fine motor strength and coordination, visual-motor coordination, self-care (feeding, dressing, bathing, toileting, hair and teeth brushing), playing, handwriting, body awareness, sensory integration, and self-regulation.  Assessments and treatment sessions are on-on-one with a licensed occupational therapist.  Treatment sessions with toddlers and preschoolers focus on incorporating play activities that will challenge the child's fine motor weakness.  Individualized "sensory diets" are created for children of all ages that caregivers are educated to implement.  A sensory diet provides optimal visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive (muscle stretch or contraction), taste, and smells that facilitate a child to be in his/her best state for learning and function. 

Specialized feeding intervention is offered to assist children who have difficulty accepting and swallowing a variety of food colors, smells, and textures.  Sensory integration strategies are provided to facilitate balance in children who struggle with hypo or hyper responsiveness to sensory stimuli.