A physical therapy corporation

Collegiate Affiliations

We are honored to host graduate internships with different universities to support physical therapy and occupational therapy higher education requirements.  We partner with Azusa Pacific and Chapman University's Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program and host doctoral students pursing their DPT degree for 3-4 month rotations.  

We also partner with Stanbridge University to support their Master Degree in Occupational Therapy Program and Occupational Therapist Assistant Associate Program. Like our PT graduate students, our OT graduate students attend 3 month clinical rotations and our OTA students 2 month rotations. We feel very honored to be partners that our local universities trust in our facility leading and teaching up and coming graduates serving with the same passion as we have for our children and families. 

Our children receive many benefits as well from our partnership with hosting graduate students. Our graduates often have extremely creative ideas and youthful motivation in searching out ideas and innovations to make sessions more productive and successful.  Another benefit is that our children are facilitated by our staff in making new relationships, which can sometimes be difficult. New people are often challenging for some of our populations to encounter.  New friendships are a challenge to create for many of our clients. Furthermore, a wonderful bond usually develops and children again, are facilitated into how to say good-bye to a friend, dealing with emotions that are also often challenging in real world settings. What better place to practice the emotional dysregulation of friendships that in a therapy clinic prepared to support your every need. 

On occasion, we have had graduate students doing their rotations actually become staff at AHPT once they complete their curriculum and take their licensing board examination!