A physical therapy corporation

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists work with children and their caregivers to facilitate gross motor developmental milestones as well as increase strength, balance, coordination, endurance, motor planning, body/spatial awareness, primitive reflexes, and help caregivers with positioning and stretching activities for infants with torticollis and/or plagiocephaly.  Assessments and treatment sessions are on-on-one with a licensed physical therapist. We often receive referrals when infants are delayed in rolling, sitting up, crawling and walking and when toddlers/preschoolers are not yet jumping or managing stairs safely.  Our older kids in elementary school and up are often referred to work on gait abnormalities, decreased strength or coordination and even ball skills (catching, throwing, and kicking). We have various sized stairs, ramp, various obstacle courses, a treadmill, trampoline, and other fun equipment to challenge children. Movement with an emphasis on fun is our goal!!

Our sessions can be in private rooms, if desired, and also available via a telehealth platform if you feel more comfortable with a session from your own home. Interested in a free 30-minute consult, please contact us by phone or email!